Director of Laboratory Operations & Office Ninja

“Transformation Companion”

Ashley Wright joined Charette Prosthodontics in September of 2020. Ashley brings more than 15 years of dental office experience including dental assisting, office management, and patient care coordination.

At Charette Prosthodontics, Ashley manages several roles with a primary focus on laboratory operations. In this role, Ashley ensures that our patients’ desires and Dr. Charette’s expectations are effectively communicated. She also expertly coordinates each patient’s unique prosthetic case with the dental laboratory to ensure it is delivered on-time for our patients appointments.

In other areas of the office, patients may encounter Ashley at the front desk, when getting a CBCT scan, or as the dental assistant during their appointment. Ashley brings so many talents and skills to Charette Prosthodontics that we like to think of her as an office ninja!

Ashley’s chosen title at Charette Prosthodontics is “Transformation Companion.” She says, “ I chose this title because I am committed to being with patients on every step of their journey. I can’t wait to meet you, support you throughout your treatment, and celebrate your transformation with you!”

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