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Dr. Jyme Charette and his team would like to sincerely thank you for considering us as your pathfinders on your journey to your best smile. We understand that the health of your mouth and teeth is a major aspect of your life and we don’t take that lightly.

With our advanced education, state of the art technology, and caring staff you can rest easy knowing you be well taken care of.

What Are The First Steps?

What Is A Prosthodontist Anyway?

Prosthodontic patients often don’t know that they need a prosthodontist, or sometimes even what a prosthodontist is. A prosthodontist is a restorative dental specialist that has 3 years of additional training beyond dental school. Prosthodontic training focuses on the areas the areas of diagnosis and treatment planning, replacement of missing teeth, full mouth rehabilitation, implant placement and restoration, and the treatment of congenital dental conditions. You may need a prosthodontist if you are suffering from poor fitting dentures, have been told you are going to lose all of your teeth, desire implants, or just want a gorgeous smile.

Has your smile journey been filled with struggle, pain & fear?

Then it’s time for a more comfortable and stress-free dental experience.

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