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Most patients who find their way to a prosthodontist have typically experienced one of two things: a lack of dental work for a long period of time, or a massive amount of dental work that has failed over time. Both of which often come with a story of struggle, lack of confidence, pain, fear, wasted time and money, and distrust in those who are in a position to solve their problems. If Dr. Charette wants you to know one thing, it’s that he cares about your story and it’s the reason he founded Charette Prosthodontics.

Whether your dental problem is small, large, simple or complex, Dr. Charette desires to serve as a pathfinder on your journey to dental health and happiness. He believes that you deserve to have a provider who cares as much about how you experience the journey as the transformation that results from it. At Charette Prosthodontics, you’ll get more than a credible expert, you’ll get a dedicated companion you can trust to be with you every step of the way.

Dr. Charette is a relatable, friendly and authentic provider who has surrounded himself with highly qualified team members who share his passion and his vision. He has hand selected a team of trusted professionals in order to ensure that everyone on your team is committed to providing you with an authentic, genuine and unique experience.

To offer a wide range of therapies to ensure all patients who seek our services have access to solutions that best meet their goals and their budget.

Kindness and compassion should be genuine. We truly care about you, your story, and your goals.

Authenticity is powerful. As your experts in everything prosthodontics, we promise to focus on your dental needs, and to honor you as a person.

Direction is essential. As your pathfinder, companions, and stewards, we are committed to guiding you on an enjoyable, efficient, and effective journey.

Expertise should be accessible. Regardless of your budget, the type of treatment you can afford, or what your goals may be, we are committed to your journey and will be with you every step of the way.

Everyone deserves access to solutions for complex dental needs.

Patients should feel welcome, safe, and cared for.

Knowledge and skills should be shared in order to improve the experiences and outcomes of all patents at every level of dental care available.

Get To Know Your Pathfinders

Dr. Jyme Charette

Prosthodontist & Founder

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Stacie Steinbock

Co-Founder & Director of Practice Relations

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Ashley Wright

Director of Laboratory Operations

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Brittany Weilage

Director of Patient Care Coordination

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Melissa Russell

Director of Clinical Operations

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