Director of Patient Care Coordination

“Ally of Discovery and Freedom”

Brittany Weilage joined Charette Prosthodontics in February of 2021. Brittany brings more than 11 years of dental experience including dental assisting, office management and patient care coordination.

At Charette Prosthodontics, Brittany plays a pivotal role in supporting patients throughout the entire process of their treatment plan. She enjoys answering patients’ questions, providing patient education about prosthodontics, and helps patients understand the financial aspects of their care.

Brittany skillfully works with the entire Charette Prosthodontics team to make sure each patient’s appointment is set up in the most efficient way by carefully timing appointments with additional factors, such as oral surgery, dental laboratory prosthetic delivery and any other care a patient might need.

Brittany’s chosen title at Prosthodontics is “Ally of Discovery and Freedom.” She says, “I chose this title because I am a supporter of our patients from start-to-finish. I am here when they learn that their circumstance isn’t too difficult to resolve, that they do have options, that their dental journey has led them to us and we are going to provide them with relief and liberation. I am their companion; I promise to rebuild their confidence and trust with the dental field and navigate new territories with them.”

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