We are currently working diligently to stay up-to-date on all the latest information regarding COVID-19. We are fortunate that we built our practice during the pandemic and thus were able to create the safest environment based on the most recent OSHA/CDC/ADA requirements and recommendations. Our intent is to focus on you and your needs, and the fact that we are a small, new, and local practice, affords us the opportunity to accommodate patients in an exclusive manner. Our commitment to you is a safe and enjoyable journey with high-quality and gorgeous results.

Although subject to change, per the guidelines, our current protocol is as follows:

  • Prior to your appointment you will be asked a series of questions regarding your risk factors for COVID-19.
  • In order to ensure we don’t have multiple people in the waiting room or patients crossing paths in the office, we will ask that you call us when you arrive for your appointment and wait in your car until we are ready for you to enter the building.
  • All patients and staff are required to wear facial coverings in the office. You will only be asked to remove your mask during an examination or procedure.
  • Once in the office, we will take your temperature prior to having you fill out any necessary paperwork. We don’t like paperwork anymore than you do, but it is important that we have the most up-to-date information on file, so we will need you to fill out a physical form with the same COVID-19 questions you’ve already answered for us by phone when scheduling your appointment.
  • Our practice, and dentistry in general, have always been committed to rigorous and effective disinfection techniques. That said, we are taking extra precautions during this time, particularly as it pertains to room turn-over times and accounting for settling of aerosols should they be present.
  • In an effort to reduce any unknown viral load and thus risk to our staff and other patients, you will be asked to swish with hydrogen peroxide prior to any dental examination or procedure.
  • Don’t be surprised if we look more like astronauts than a dental team if you are having any aerosol producing procedure done – we will be wearing a lot of PPE. We assure you, this is for our safety and should not alarm you about yours.
  • In addition to the clinical treatment spaces, we are also disinfecting the common areas on a regular basis; bathrooms, door handles, iPad, and any other surfaces that may be touched by team members or other patients.

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