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Has your smile journey been filled with struggle, pain & fear?

Then it’s time for a more comfortable and stress-free dental experience.

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Having a confident smile can change your life. A warm and inviting smile tells people something about you. It portrays that you’re friendly, trusting, and professional. One study found more than two-thirds of Americans believe that a beautiful smile gives you that extra boost of confidence and an edge over others in landing a job. Clearly, a superb smile is more than just a pretty face. It can indeed be a valuable asset in your adult life.

Full mouth reconstruction is what Dr. Charette in Louisville, KY does best. By combining the best in dental restoration, prosthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry, he can restore, rebuild, renew, or create a new smile to unveil the very best version of you.

Prosthodontists are trained in the art and science of oral reconstruction. They are highly skilled at restoring form and function, providing people with beautiful smiles they can use!

What Is a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

A full mouth reconstruction (also known as full mouth rehabilitation or restoration) refers to rebuilding and/or replacing all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth. Typically, full mouth reconstruction or restoration uses a combination of procedures like crowns, bridges, veneers, or implants to achieve the patient’s ideal look and function. A smile makeover, as it’s often called, combines artistry with the science of restorative dentistry to improve the health, function, and beauty of the mouth.

Charette Prosthodontics preforms full mouth reconstructions in Louisville, KY.

When Is a Full Mouth Rehabilitation Needed?

A full mouth reconstruction can be needed for numerous reasons, all of which require the need to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the teeth, mouth, and smile. You may come to us in Louisville, KY for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your teeth have been lost due to decay or trauma.
  • Your teeth have been injured or fractured from injury or accident.
  • You have teeth that are severely worn as a result of acidic foods, beverages, acid reflux, or tooth grinding (bruxism).
  • You have ongoing complaints of jaw, muscle, and headache pain requiring adjustments to your bite.
  • You were born with conditions that affect their teeth and jaw such as:
    • Ectodermal Dysplasia
    • Amelogenesis
    • Dentinogenesis Imperfecta

Procedures Involved In a Full Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction can involve the combination of several different dental treatments in order to get the desired outcome. Here are some of the types of procedures that could be used during your full mouth reconstruction.

  • Dental Implants: Dental implants are artificial roots for your teeth. They are similar in shape to screws and are placed in the jawline and bond to your natural bone in order to support crowns, bridges, or full-arch prosthetics called hybrids. They are a sturdy base for supporting one or more artificial teeth.

One of the procedure involved in a full mouth reconstruction in Louisville, KY can be getting dental implants.

  • Dental Crowns: A dental crown is a very common part of most full mouth reconstruction plans. It is essentially a cap or a cover for a tooth that is damaged or misshapen. These restorations essentially replace the tooth structure you have lost or change the anatomy of a tooth to control your bite and esthetics.
    • They look, feel, and function like natural teeth and can be brushed and flossed normally. They are used in both adults and children for many reasons. Dental crowns have the ability to support teeth that are damaged or failing, protect teeth that are wearing away, hold your teeth together, and improve the look and function of your mouth.
    • Single or multiple implant crowns may be used on up to three teeth in one area and throughout the mouth. They have a very high success rate and can be catered to the individual needs of each patient.

During your full mouth rehabiliation, your prosthodontist may utilize dental crowns.

  • Dental Bridges: A dental bridge is exactly that; a bridge to close the gaps in between your teeth and in your smile. A dental bridge is typically made of crowns on either side of the missing tooth or teeth supporting the pontic (false tooth) and is cemented in place. The crowns and the pontic (false tooth) are shaped and colored to blend in completely naturally with your existing teeth.

If you have a missing tooth, Dr. Charette in Louisville, KY may use a dental bridge as part of your full mouth reconstruction.

  • Veneers: are alternatively termed “dental veneers” or “dental porcelain laminates”. They are a wafer-thin, custom-made shell designed to cover the front surface of your tooth/teeth. These thin shells are bonded to the front of your existing teeth and give a beautiful finish to your full mouth reconstruction.
    • Veneers can be used to treat chipped, broken, discolored, or smaller-than-average teeth. Some people may only get one veneer in the case of a broken or chipped tooth, but others may get between six to eight veneers in order to create a flawless smile.

If you have teeth that are discolored or misshapen, Dr. Charette in Louisville, KY may use veneers to fix them.

  • Dentures: are used when someone needs an affordable option to replace all of their missing teeth in any one arch (top, bottom, or both). They are custom-made in a dental laboratory from impressions taken of your mouth. Today most people choose to get dentures that utilize implants to secure a full arch of teeth into the bone in order to achieve maximum function. When planned properly, they can be highly esthetic and have the potential to last for a lifetime with regular service and maintenance.

While performing a full mouth reconstruction at his Louisville, KY office, Dr. Charette may recommend full or partial dentures.

  • Root Canal Therapy: A root canal is designed to treat infections at the root of your teeth by removing the infected area and filling the canal in the root. The reaming tooth is then covered with a crown to prevent bacteria from causing future infections. Root canals are sometimes used when a tooth needs to be prepared beyond the level of the pulp (the inner chamber of the tooth) in order for corrective modifications of the shape and position of the crown.

While performing your full mouth reconstruction in Louisville, KY, if you have an infection, a root canal may be needed.

  • Gum Tissue Re-contouring: This is the process of reshaping the gum tissue around your teeth to create symmetry in your smile and sometimes improve your oral health. It is a common part of full mouth reconstruction and is often accomplished with a minimally invasive laser procedure.

Another procedure that can happen as part of a full mouth reconstruction in Louisville, KY is gum tissue re-contouring.

  • Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder (TMD): TMD affects more than 10 million Americans every day. It is a condition where the muscles and nerves around your jawbone are overworked due to inconsistencies within the joint, teeth, and muscles. This can cause intense pain, clicking, or popping of the jaw, headaches, muscle tenderness, and discomfort. It can also contribute to teeth grinding, and in severe cases, even dislocation of the jaw itself. Full mouth reconstruction can help to heal and protect the TMJ improving your symptoms and reducing pain.

Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder can be a very important procedure in a full mouth rehabilitation in Louisville, KY.

  • Tooth Extractions: Many dental reconstruction procedures require extracting (removing) all or some of your existing teeth either because they are broken, decayed, or there is not enough bone to support them. It is important to remove any failing teeth if they are still present to prevent further damage and infection. It is often necessary to remove teeth in order to place implants in the ideal location for the mechanics and space requirements for the prosthetics that will support a greater number of teeth.

During a full mouth restoration at our Louisville, KY office, teeth may pulled if they are damaged or if more room is needed.

  • Corrective Jaw Surgery: Jaw surgery corrects irregularities of the jaw bones and realigns the jaws and teeth to improve the way they work. This is necessary when your jaw problems can’t be resolved with orthodontics alone. Making these corrections may also improve your facial appearance and help make biting, chewing, breathing, and sleep easier. It is also used to correct a facial imbalance, birth defects, and injuries to the jaw.
  • Crown Lengthening: Crown lengthening is needed when the teeth are too short to properly support a crown. It is often used in combination with root canal therapy in order to achieve adequate height for a crown to hold onto. This procedure involves lengthening the tooth by reducing the height of the bone and gums around the tooth. The extra length is then prepared horizontally to create a finish line for the crown to cement to.
  • Bone or Soft Tissue Grafting: If you need to have either more bone or more soft tissue available to successfully complete any of these full mouth reconstruction procedures, we may need to complete a bone or soft tissue graft. This allows you to have the necessary foundation for a successful dental reconstruction.
  • Sedation Available: Many of these procedures require long appointments. In over to make our clients more comfortable, we offer varying levels of Sedation Dentistry. This way the client is more comfortable, the procedures can move along more quickly, and we could potentially do several procedures at once making the process more efficient.

Benefits of a Full Dental Reconstruction

The overall benefit to getting a full mouth reconstruction from Charette Prosthodontics in Louisville, KY is a smile that is beautiful and functional.

  • Improved Oral Health and Function: One of the largest benefits of oral reconstruction is the ability to eat your favorite foods again. Having a fully functioning mouth allows you to eat foods you cannot enjoy with missing teeth or lack of asymmetrical and healthy bite.
  • Enhanced Appearance: Each restoration is customized and specifically tailored to your smile goals. The results are natural and beautiful and 100% you.
  • Improved Confidence: We want to give you a smile you are proud of. We believe that no one should feel the need to cover their mouth when they smile, guard their smile for a photo, or choose not to eat in public. We want you to be able to embrace life with the confidence to laugh, smile, sing, and communicate with others.
  • Additional Benefits: Having a full mouth reconstruction does not mean that you will no longer have the need for dental treatment. It does, however, preserve the teeth you have left or provide you with a circumstance that is much more manageable financially in the future. The sooner you have reconstruction, the longer you will enjoy the benefits of it and the longer your remaining teeth and bone will be around to allow you to function, smile, and enjoy life.

FAQs About A Complete Dental Reconstruction

This is completely dependent upon the current condition of the patient’s mouth, what procedures need to be done, and what type of sedation is necessary. For an accurate cost estimate, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Depending on your treatment plan, it could take up to 12-18 months to complete all of the steps of a full mouth reconstruction.

You should not experience any pain during your procedures. For those who are nervous about having dental treatment done, we offer varying levels of sedation dentistry to make you comfortable.

Yes, absolutely. When you are sedated, the treatment goes quickly and you are comfortable and calm.

Why Choose Dr. Jyme Charette

Dr. Jyme Charette in Louisville, KY is an industry expert in dental reconstruction. He has spent years perfecting the art of dental restoration including being a distinguished faculty member at the U of L School of Dentistry, an author for numerous dentistry publications, and helped develop an all-digital process for full arch dental implants. When it comes to full mouth reconstruction, there is no one more qualified than Charette Prosthodontics in Louisville, KY.

The Path to a New You

Dr. Charette and his team in Louisville, KY understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution for full mouth reconstruction. Each custom dental plan is catered to your specific smile goals.

If you are looking for a genuine provider to guide you on your path to a whole new you, Dr. Charette is ready to help you achieve your goals. Give us a call today to schedule your first visit.

Has your smile journey been filled with struggle, pain & fear?

Then it’s time for a more comfortable and stress-free dental experience.

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