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Thank you for your interest in Charette Dental Education.

Dr. Charette started Charette Dental Education in order to provide accessible and affordable CE to the dental community. As a former full-time educator and academic director at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, he missed teaching and conversation with dental colleagues.

Providing dental education to dentists, hygienists, and lab technicians allows Dr. Charette to continue engaging in meaningful and lifelong relationships with others in the dental industry. This sense of community is something Dr. Charette values and he is proud to be a resource for you and your team.

Courses are offered on an array of topics and Dr. Charette is always open to any requests you may have. He is currently offering online courses via zoom and plans to host in-person events when it safe to do so again.

If you are interested in receiving occasional emails and updates on continuing education courses, you can sign up here. We value your trust in us, therefore we would never sell or share your contact information, and you can opt out easily at any time.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our courses soon.

Dr. Charette’s Experience as a Dental Educator:

Dr. Charette teaches the prosthodontic residents at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry (ULSD) and provides clinical instruction to the dental students. He has been involved in teaching at ULSD since 2016.

Most recently, Dr. Charette was tapped to develop the prosthodontic course for the Alabama Implant Education (AIE). He currently teaches his course, “Prosthodontics and Implant Restorations” [https://www.dentalimplanttrainingce.com/prosthodontics.html] to dentists from all over the U.S. both in-person and online several times a year.

In addition to his free dental education seminars, Dr. Charette is often invited to speak at study clubs and annual meetings on both the state and local level.

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“Dr. Charette is an amazing prosthodontist! I learned from him while I was a dental student at University of Louisville School of Dentistry and we are lucky to have Dr. Charette practicing here in the Louisville community. An excellent teacher and prosthodontist, he still teaches courses for other dental professionals, and I am so glad to have Dr. Charette as a resource!”

– Mimi Kunzeman, DMD

“Dr. Charette is a dynamic speaker on Zoom and in person! I’ve had the opportunity to hear him give a CE course both in-person and on Zoom; both ways were great. His love for his profession is quite evident when you hear him speak with excitement and willingness to serve within the dental community for a better overall patient experience.”

– Jessi Nance, RDH